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Here we try to answer the most common questions that we get. If you can't find the answer here then please contact us at

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Is there a manual for Duplicate Annihilator?

We have a complete walkthrough in our newsletter part 21 through 23. You can read them here part 21, part 22 and part 23.

What about the copy metadata thing?

You'll find that in the newsletter as well. In this case it is described in part 36.

Duplicate Annihilator fails to install "Additional system components"?

Quit Duplicate Annihilator then download and install the components manually. You can download the install package from here.

I have lost my serial number / license key.

Enter the e-mail address you used when you purchased your license and we'll send you an email with your license key! (If you've changed your email address, e-mail us and we'll look it up.)

Duplicate Annihilator

Duplicate Annihilator is one of the oldest and most competent duplicate detection softwares for photos on the market. It's available for Photos, iPhoto, Aperture and iOS.


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Free software

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch but we have free apps. Built for our customers, based on personal requests and completely free of charge. Bon app├ętit!

Photos Finder

Are your photos scattered everywhere and getting them into one Photos Library might seem like an impossible task. Photos Finder makes this task as simple as the click of a button.